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Japa Or Stay

by Monsurat Momoh
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Due to the ever-growing rate at which people have been leaving the country, Nigeria, “Japa or Stay” has been a very critical discussion. I have heard it even ruins some friendships.

A set of people believe we are limiting ourselves to the country. Another set believes we should stay because Nigeria will be great again. The last set? Of course, there are people who are indifferent.

On the first date, people have now added the questions to their lists. “Do you intend to japa or stay?” “What is your say on Japa or stay?” Depending on the individual, the answer to the question may determine if they would like to be with that person.

People can barely have normal arguments surrounding this topic. Questions about patriotism and being ashamed of our country and race will be questioned.  For obvious reasons, people defend themselves and give acts. That could either better the situation or worsen it.

A few weeks ago, a post on LinkedIn that I read stated that Nigerians have brought in a lot of revenue for the United Kingdom because a lot of money is being used to study over there.

Comments in the comment section were as different as usual, with patriotic comments, and questions on good or bad governance. There are statements surrounding friendships gone haywire because people feel bad when their friends leave without informing them. Anything you can think of.

Japa or stay” should be a personal choice or preference. We should never antagonize people who choose differently from us, just because we do not come to a similar conclusion. If everyone thought of something and gave the same answer, would that not be weird?

However, if you think of it as “well, everyone has a right to their opinions and I should not force mine on people”, the “Japa or Stay” topic would not be as serious as we make it to be. Would it?

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