Pastor Laurie Idahosa Decries Christian Narcissists.

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Laurie Idahosa

Clergywoman, Pastor Laurie Idahosa,  has taken to her Twitter page to reveal that many self-proclaimed Christian leaders are narcissists. According to her, these narcissists use their power to control and manipulate people.

‘’My profession is full of narcissists; most especially because they successfully hide behind their religious titles and use that power to control and manipulate people, exonerating themselves of accountability. Once they are called out (rare) they gaslight and excommunicate.” she tweeted.

Pastor Laurie who is a mother of three and wife to Bishop F.E Benson Idahosa, Bishop Benson Idahosa’s first son, with whom she pastors the  Church of God Mission International. Laurie was born in Wilmington, Delaware, USA She is a motivational speaker, author and mentor to many.

Her reason for making this comment however remains unknown. We however hope that people keep this in mind when dealing with others.

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