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Tips to Enjoy Road Trip in Nigeria.

by Frederick Akinola
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If you want to plan a road trip in Nigeria, the thought of it alone could give you a headache. The journey can be very gruelling, and energy-sapping, especially if it’s long distance. The roads can be bad, the vehicles can be uncomfortable, and you could have setbacks along the way that prolong your journey.  So if you’re travelling by road, here’s some advice.

Use a Good Transport Company.

The condition of the vehicle you board and the driver are very important to the success of your journey.  Never board a roadside vehicle. The drivers are not monitored, so they can drive recklessly. The vehicles may not be in proper condition so there’s the possibility of a breakdown along the way. To avoid that, it’s best to use a verified transport company that can guarantee, at least to a large degree, the condition of the vehicle and the safety consciousness of the driver. Also, they should have more comfortable seats and air-conditioning. This is a long road trip, you need the best. It could a little more expensive that the roadside buses, but it’s surely worth the extra cost.

Book in Advance.

You can book most road trips online nowadays.  And even when you can’t book online, you can book in person at the transport company’s office. The advantage is that you can select the best seats, so you sit where you feel best suits you.  Also, when you book in advance, you can use the first vehicle that leaves early so you can get to your destination on time, the second vehicle doesn’t always leave on time. Also, booking in advance helps you prepare mentally for the road trip.

Keep Yourself Engaged.

You will surely get bored seated idle on a long road trip. Get yourself something to do that will keep your mind occupied. Some people like to start conversations with a co-passenger. But what if the person falls asleep, or just doesn’t want to talk to you? It’s good to have your phone charged, and a power bank for extra battery life. You could also read a book if you can read in motion. These will help to shorten the road trip.

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