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by Ibukunoluwa Ogundare
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Search engine optimization is one of the strongest ways to gain users in the modern world. Building a product is good but having customers that use it is even better. The validation that the product you built is worth it is the number of users using the product. It is therefore very important for every product to have users. 

“Search engine optimization is the process of improving your ranking in search engines such as Google in order to get more people (users, customers) to your website (product).

Search engine Optimization comes down to two things – contents and links. 

The more aligned your content is with the keyword you are targeting, the better it will rank. Avoid buying links. This violates search engine guidelines and there are always repercussions for rule violations. Focus on how to build links instead.

There are two major strategies for building links for search engine optimization;
  • Fat Head
  • Longtail

Fathead strategy involves using keywords that directly describe your company. The aggregate of these keywords makes up 30 percent of searches. For example, use ‘wooden toy’ if your products are toys made from wood. 

The long tail strategy involves using keywords that are specific terms with low search rates. The aggregate of these long-tail keywords makes up 70 percent of google searches. For example, Wooden toys for toddlers.

The goal is to find search terms that have enough search volume to move the needle for your company. You can generate long-tail landing pages or fathead links. Creating amazing content is also one way to quickly build links that will improve your SEO. 

How to for Fat head strategy.

Make user research on the terms people use to search for products in your industry. You can make use of a keyword planner. This is a service you can get on Google Adwords. You can also look for keywords on your competitor’s websites. You can look out for keywords in their home pages, titles, and headers.

 For the Long Tail strategy, most searches online are longtail. They are generic words that can be associated with the product without general consensus. Generic searches are not particularly specific. 

SEO is one quick and easy way to gain more users if done right. With either strategy, you can reach a meaningful number of customers. 


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