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Sexual Molestation

by Monsurat Momoh
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Some people find it hard to believe that sexual molestation exists or should I just say that they’re choosing to be ignorant about it? I think that sounds more true when I put it like that.

I think so because basically anyone can relate to the topic of sexual molestation or abuse. Anyone can give a true life story of their experiences. It doesn’t have to be directly related to you but at least, you’ve heard stories. Haven’t you?

Just like how a lot of concepts are believed to be myths, untrue or whatever people seem to think of these days, for reasons best known to them, people believe that sexual molestation is not real. To put it in blunt words, they believe that since technically it’s not rape, then it’s not the real thing.

This topic just waltzed into my head because I have been stuck, wondering why an individual would think sexual assault isn’t real. After having a full-blown conversation and argument, an individual who was male, by the way, said this instead.

“There are so many rape allegations that are not true. A lot of these women claim sexual molestation and abuse when it’s not real. If rape, which is the big deal can be false, what is sexual molestation?”

And that’s me putting it nicely. You know how it can be when people get into heated arguments. Knowing fully well that sexual molestation does exist and it doesn’t have to be rape for it to be true, left me asking myself the ridiculous question;

“Does sexual molestation exist?”

It was a little funny because I know it does but there was a man right there, telling me it doesn’t exist because he just didn’t believe. This question is now added to my list of first dates questions.

However, after not thinking about it at all, because I know it does exist from personal experiences and other stories, here’s what’s to be said. Sexual molestation exists. It doesn’t have to be rape or forceful sex. It’s always about consent.

Even in marriages, it’s there. But we never talk about it. Because it’ll shake a lot of “tables”. Instead, let’s talk about what bothers us the most. The increase in the dollar exchange rate.

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1 comment

Zra January 13, 2023 - 6:57 am

Sigh, of course this opportunity to enlighten people somehow became another avenue to promote the men guilty until proven innocent agenda, just to ensure I am not speaking out of turn I actually checked what sexual molestation/abuse generally refers to and I discovered that it mostly deals with the assault of a child sexually by a sex offender/predator

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