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Things To Consider Before Getting A Tattoo.

by Frederick Akinola
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Tattooing is the practice of making permanent designs on the body. It is done by pricking small holes in the skin with a sharpened stick, bone, or needle that has been dipped in pigments with natural colours. They are practically everywhere these days. Musicians, footballers, fashion models, and movie stars flaunt them. Many teenagers have followed suit, proudly displaying them on their shoulders, hands, waists, and ankles.

For some people, a tattoo is a way of making a grand romantic gesture. They view them as works of art. Others see them as symbols of independence. Tattooing allows some youths to experiment​—to feel they have control over their appearance. They can also serve as a symbol of rebellion or of alternative lifestyles. Some tattoos thus contain obscene words and drawings or provocative slogans. What should you consider before getting one?

Health Risks

There are health concerns you should consider. According to dermatologists, tattooing is breaking the skin and introducing pigmented material into the area. Even though the needle only goes in a little way, anytime you break the skin, you have a risk of bacterial or viral infection. It is a risky thing to do. Check with your dermatologist, especially if you’re prone to skin allergies.

Tattoos are Expensive

A cheap tattoo won’t be good quality. And a good quality tattoo will never be cheap. Their prices depend heavily on factors like the size, the area it’ll be inked on, the ink used, and the artist. So if you’re planning to get one, you need a lot of bucks.

You Need to Care for the Tattoo

If you want to avoid infections, how you care for your tattoo is what is crucial. There will be a list of rules that your artist will give you – follow them. If you won’t be able to, there’s no point getting the tattoo in the first place.


Think well before going ahead with it. Many have come to regret making permanent alterations to their appearance. Think before you ink. Don’t make a decision that you may regret later. Methods of removal are expensive and can be painful.

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