Tips To Face School Bullying.

by Frederick Akinola
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School Bullying.

When we hear about bullying in school, we might think it happens to just children. There’s bullying everywhere, even in tertiary institutions. In fact, we talked about bullying among young adults here and cyberbullying. Your schoolmates could spread rumours about you, they could call you derogatory names, and even beat you up. What can you do? You are not totally powerless! In fact, you can fight a bully without using your fists. How?

Don’t React.

Try to remain as calm as possible​—at least on the outside—​those bullying you may well lose interest. Don’t retaliate. Seeking revenge will only make the situation worse.

Don’t Walk Into Trouble

To the extent possible, avoid people who could cause trouble, and avoid situations where bullying may occur. stay away from lonely places, and try not to move around alone. You should know where your bully likes to stay and try to avoid such places.

Try an Unexpected Response

You can even try humour.  When you do not respond in the way your bully wants you to respond you might get him off guard and he eventually lets you go. Try to be bold when you speak. Your response is a determinant of what happens next.

Walk Away.

Silence shows that you are mature and that you are stronger than the person harassing you. It demonstrates self-control​—something the bully doesn’t have.

Work on Your Self-confidence.

Bullies can often detect those who think negatively of themselves and who are thus not likely to fight back. In contrast, many bullies will back off if they see that you aren’t giving them any power over you.

Tell Someone
It is important that anyone who is being bullied speaks up. It’s the right thing to do, and it can prevent someone else from being bullied.

Besides physical assaults, bullying can also include verbal attacks and social isolation.

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