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Tricks to Succeeding at School.

by Frederick Akinola
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Which word would you use to describe how you view schooling? Boring or inspiring? Frustrating or rewarding? Stressful or enjoyable? If your view of schooling is primarily negative, what can you do about it? If you have a positive view of schooling, how can you sharpen your skills so that you get even more out of your education? The answers to these questions to an extent affect how you succeed at school.

Get Motivated.

Since you need an education, it will do you little good to dwell on the things you dislike about schooling. Instead, get motivated by considering the incentives of having your education, the skill you are learning, the possible impact you can have on people’s lives, your social skills and your personal growth. You may also even be able to think of a few more.

Get Organised.

You cannot enjoy school if you’re not organised. Accordingly, you also need to get yourself in order and avoid being scattered. Get tasks done and do not procrastinate. Write things down and cross them off when completed. Keep your schoolbag or backpack neat and orderly so that you can find things more easily. The bottom line: Getting organized will save you the stress of forgetting things, running late, and never seeming to have enough time for other priorities. Why not get started? Think about one area in which you need to get organized. Then, with the help of a parent or a friend, brainstorm some ways that you can improve.

Get Help.

Having a support system is not only vital while you are at school but also indispensable in your future endeavours as an adult. Who can help you in your efforts to succeed at school? Family, teachers, mentors, and good friends. Contrarily, avoid bad associations. They will only pull you backwards.

Stay Healthy.

Taking care of your health can improve your performance at school—and your quality of life. Rest. Do not kill yourself! Sometimes drop your books and enjoy life. Then get back to it and you’ll see how great you’ll do! A healthy body directly translates to a healthy mind. Consequently, a healthy mind means you can easily fill in the gaps in your knowledge and understanding with simple critical thinking.

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