What is Emotional Intelligence ?

by Monsurat Momoh
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What is Emotional Intelligence ?

Emotional intelligence is a vital part of intelligence, but no one thinks first of it when discussing intellect. Usually, with intelligence and mind, we would automatically suppose “IQs and education.”

Education does the basics and highly vital things to help improve and develop our intelligence. Emotional intelligence should come as naturally as air, though.

Although one would expect individuals to be able to show emotional intelligence as emotions constitute what makes us human, it is not exactly true.

As uncomplicated as being emotionally intelligent sounds, many people do not consider it necessary. But it should be regarded as essential to facilitating our social environment.

Being emotionally considerate is needed in relationships, friendships, family relations, fundamental work relations, and everything you can think of.

Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to recognize, understand, and manage both your own emotions and the emotions of others.

Jobs like customer care support or Human relations fall into this topic. Because when you’re emotionally intelligent and have the intellect, you can talk to people and help resolve their problems.

Situations that need carefully constructed words to support people, familiar faces and even strangers are clear examples.

Learning to be empathetic is a vital skill in emotional intelligence which saves lives, friendships, and jobs. When a person shows empathy, the other party feels assured, and that helps to reduce the emotional baggage before facing the problem.

When people lose friendships, you’d hear, «She was too toxic, so I had to cut it off.» But, in most cases, it’s because people are less empathetic than needed.

To me, emotional intelligence is an excellent deal because it is a valuable skill that can be learned and developed over time. Enhancing your emotional intelligence can improve your relationships, navigate conflicts more effectively, and achieve greater emotional well-being.


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