by Oroboghene Ejovi
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Often times we find that we get weaker as the day gets older, some people’s remedy to that might be a nice meal, or a break from that hectic task your boss has requested to be at his desk before the closing of the day. A nice nap in the afternoon might just be the solution to that problem. Often times a meal might just make you more tired or you might find yourself still thinking about that task while you are supposedly taking a break from it. Afternoon naps are just the thing to restart your body and your mind. Here are reasons why you should take a nap every afternoon.


During the day, your mind tends to get less alert as you get weaker. This can result in reducing your level of productivity for that day, or can result in serious accident especially if you work with heavy machinery. An afternoon nap would restart your mind, restoring that much needed alertness you started the day with and putting you in the right space for maximum productivity.

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Accumulated stress during the day can cause serious problems to the body and its overall health. It can even affect your sleep in the night. One of the best ways to blow off the steam of the day’s work is by taking a nap. Afternoon naps are a great way for your body to relax and release stress-alleviating hormones, thereby reducing overall stress levels.


Your brain does its best work when it is relaxed and not in stress. Afternoon naps are a great way to relax your brain, perhaps you might have been trying to do a particular thing and the ideas are not just coming to you. A good nap can help your brain begin to see patterns and start to connect the dots you couldn’t see before.


Not only your mind needs to be relieved of stress, but also your body. Naps are an effective way to help your body heal from stress and boost physical performance. Naps are proven to help athletes have better endurance, improved body alertness and cognitive performances.


A lot of people are quick to resort to the use of caffeine to counter fatigue. For them, a cup of coffee or a can of soda should do the trick when fatigue begins to set it but caffeine would just end up skyrocketing stress levels in the long run. A more effective method to battle fatigue is a short nice afternoon nap. Napping in the afternoon is the perfect tool to fix any fatigue beginning to set in mid-day and rejuvenate your body and mind.

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Perhaps afternoon naps have been a foreign concept to you. It’s not too late to add a short nap to that busy schedule, it really helps.

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