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Creating a sleep routine

by Monsurat Momoh
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Busy schedules and getting home late from work has led us to thinking that creating a sleep routine may not be important. For some people, just closing their eyes does the trick. How lucky are they? Although theyget to sleep when they want, can we say they have sound sleep?

For some other people, it is a long process. It could take counting sheep, listening to music, reading a book, watching movies. And then sleep comes. For others, it could take praying about it. Eventually, sleep comes knocking but they never get sound sleep, do they?

Creating a sleep routine could help improve the state people wake up in, in the morning. A sense of refreshment can lead a person into having a great day, don’t you think? Like a lot of things, even sleep routines require discipline and commitment because if you fail to stick to the routine, it becomes a waste of time.

Although being disciplined is not exactly fun, that is the best way to achieve this. Do not worry, no one is going to make fun of you since it is going to be between the two of us. And even if they do, getting a good night rest beats whatever you think you will feel.

Ways to create a sleep routine

  • No screens after 9pm; Screens refer to TV’s and laptops. It is easy to stay up watching something on these devices so shutting them off before bed time can do a lot of good. Also, it prepares your mind and organs for sleep.
  • Create a relaxing mood; think of something that puts you at ease the most. Like reading your favorite book, watching a movie or writing some something that depicts how your day went or your mood.
  • Turn off lights by 10:30 pm; doing your favorite things after turning off your screens puts you in a good mood for sleep. Lights out would immediately activate the effects.

Do you have a sleep routine? Share it with us in the comments section.

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