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Generational change

by Monsurat Momoh
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Just like how generational trauma exists and can be passed down from parent to child, generational changes are like a form of amendment.

No one knows when exactly generation trauma began but it has been continuous. There is no guarantee that it’ll ever stop. Because just an individual’s decision can change and stop generational trauma within his family.

Trauma doesn’t have to be necessarily illness, here, it refers to the communication between parents and children. Due to how parents are brought up, it is very easy to pass down pain, instead to love.

Some parents are so hard on their children that there’s barely ever anything other than scolding and yelling. When children become accustomed to that, there will always be tension. What’s the importance of constant tension within a family? Nothing.

This could breed in hate or just indifference from child to parent and then the cycle could continue when the child becomes an adult. Just one person can decide to stop the trauma and raise his children with love.

Ways to imbibe generational change into your family

  • Be an understanding parent

Up until the later years and parents are getting old, being understanding to their children is never a thing. The fact is, they do not know. Since a child can tell how much emotional trauma he gets from not being understood, that could lead to change.

  • Less shouting, more talking

Sometimes, it is necessary to shout. Maybe when delivering a speech or talking over a lot of voices. But when talking to children, when is there ever any need to shout? Some people do not know that when a child gets accustomed to you shouting, they could begin to ignore you.

Your children don’t have to experience the emotional trauma you went through, and neither did you deserve to go through it either. But, you could be the change your family needs.



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