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How Laughter Can Boost Your Lifestyle.

by Frederick Akinola
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This life is not easy, we often say in Nigerian parlance, and rightly so, because the stress of life can be so excruciating sometimes that it seemingly drives you mad. Therefore, we always try to take things easy, for the sake of our mental health. And laughter is good medicine that can help us to keep it together. 

Not only does laughing put a smile on your face, but it also has more health benefits than you may think. And with the current happenings in our country and around the world, there’s never been a better time to find ways to add some humour and
laughter into your life. Laughing has been shown to improve mental health and may even help your physical health. Some benefits of laughter include:

Helps Keep Your Heart Healthy.

Laughter is a common physical response to happiness. Our bodies are affected by our emotions. Laughter helps increases blood flow and improves how your blood vessels function. proper blood flow keeps your heart working at a steady pace. It also helps decrease stress, which has a positive effect on heart health.

Boosts your Immune System.

Laughter helps trigger the release of tension in your muscles, releases endorphins, reduces blood sugar and decreases stress hormones. This can help strengthen your immune system, which lowers your risk of getting sick.

Improves your Mood.

Laughter can help you turn a bad mood around with ease. People who experience anxiety or depression often find that laughter helps lighten their mood and increases happiness.

Strengthens your Relationships.

Enjoying a laugh with others helps keep relationships fresh, exciting and fun. Laughter also helps improve communication and may be just what you need to resolve disagreements, hurt and resentment.

Laughter offers so many benefits for your physical and mental health that it’s hard to find a reason not to do it more each day. Here are a few ways to add more humour to your life:

Wear a Smile.

A laugh always beings with a smile. Smiles and laughs are contagious so start spreading happiness with a smile and before you know it, you and those around you will find more reasons to laugh.

Be More Humorous.

Add some fun to your daily interactions. Tell a joke, make a humorous comment or share a funny story when talking with others to increase the amount of laughter in your day.

Hang Around Lively People.

The people you spend time with have an effect on your mood and your happiness. You may not be able to see people face-to-face these days but you can still surround yourself virtually with people who make you happy, are funny and positively influence your life.

Set aside time every day to do things that make you smile. Watch your favourite comedy on TV, enjoy some funny videos on YouTube or listen to a podcast. Call a friend, write in a journal or read. Try to laugh, your joy and sanity might actually depend on it.

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