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Being a Successful Single Parent.

by Frederick Akinola
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Worldwide, most single parents are women. And it has never been easy for them, and the few men. How do you take care of children on your own without the support of a spouse? We hope the suggestions given in this article can help you succeed in your demanding role.

Seek for Support.

You can get support from trusted relatives and friends. Do not think you can do it on your own. If the other parent, usually the father, has legal access to the children and is responsible and willing to help, why not share some of the load with him? After all, children need to spend time with their dads.

Be a Good Communicator.

Create an environment of open communication. Do not tune your children out. Be patient with them. If you fail to make a conscious effort to stay calm, you may lose your temper and shout, which can be harmful in more ways than one! Be firm in your communication. Do not confuse the role of a parent with that of a friend. It never ends well. Your children will lose respect for you.

Set Priorities.

Decide what is truly important to you and your children, and make these things your priorities.Stick to your priorities, and learn to manage your time and finances accordingly. Prioritize your children. Focus on their needs—not wants.

Set Boundaries.

Recognize that children need structure and schedules to thrive. Be firm, and true to your word. Be consistent and reasonable. Try not to discipline in anger. Consistency, firmness, and reasonableness—along with your good example—will enable you to set boundaries that will make your home a true refuge for your children.  Do not let feelings of guilt over your situation as a single parent cause you to be a permissive parent.

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