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Signs of a Toxic Work Environment (Pt 2).

by Adeola Adeyeye
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If everyone on your team consistently disagrees with you and treats one another disrespectfully, or some of your co-workers unfairly receive promotions due to their close friendship with the boss. In that case, you could be in a toxic work environment. You can check here for the first part of this. Here are other signs of a toxic work environment you need to watch out for.

Unhealthy Interpersonal Relationship or Stonewalling.

The emotional health of employees in a workplace can be measured just by observing how they interact with one another. You decipher the energy of a workplace through the general ambience and body language of individuals who work there. Are they cheerful and do they have a good relationship with one another or do they treat one other with contempt and ignore themselves?

Poor Team Spirit.

Here is another red flag in a toxic environment. Rather than work together as a team to complete a project, individuals focus more on their individual tasks and are less enthusiastic about carrying out group projects. The cause of this should be identified to create a safe space for employees to open up about their concerns.

Division Amongst Staff.

Another sign of toxicity in the workplace is the division of staff into factions. These factions may be generated based on power struggles, department or personality.  If people who should be working together see each other as opponents, it creates tension. Leaders need to be wary of this and work toward a cooperative atmosphere.

Individual disengagement.

A toxic environment is usually mentally draining for workers so much that they begin to experience mental shutdown and disengage from their work and the company overall. ​​Over time, people start to leave toxic workplaces at high rates. As a manager, if you’re beginning to notice this kind of turnout, chances are that your work environment is toxic.

Physical stress.

In a toxic work environment, mental stress may take a toll on one physically.

Writer, Quinn states;

You might feel that your body and brain are on high alert—and you’d be right, because our brains are constantly scanning for threats—and as far as your brain is concerned, you’re in danger.

A person undergoing this may begin to experience symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression such as digestive issues, sleep problems, fatigue, aches, and panic attacks.

Have you experienced or have been experiencing any of the following signs in your work environment, kindly share your experience in the comment section?

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