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Steps To Succeed As An Online Food Vendor.

by Frederick Akinola
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Being an online food vendor seems to be the “IT” thing of our generation since the advent of Covid 19. So many people since then have ventured into online and social media marketing.  And that is because so many people are on social media, therefore it’s a good place to sell your market. Consequently, it can be easier to sell other things. But when it comes to selling food,  there are a few things you should consider.

Understand Food Laws

Learn how to properly handle and store food. You should also keep close tabs on food preparation practices.  Make sure you do what it takes so people don’t get sick eating your food. Get liability insurance. Be sure you’re covered in case anyone does get sick.

Find your Niche

If you’re the best at making Afang soup, why not start with that? Or if you have a particular kind of pepper soup that bursts people’s brain, use that. Try not to start with what’s common. Try something unique.

Carry Out Market Research

Your market research should include looking into the rules that govern the specific industry. Is selling your product online and shipping it even possible?

Build your brand.

Selling food online can be particularly difficult because your buyer has to trust that your food tastes as good as it looks.
Because customers can’t sample your product, branding is especially important. Package design, photography, website, product page, and copy need to work together to tell your story and help customers imagine how your product might taste. Try to get a professional designer to work for you. That will help. And use a good phone to take the pictures you post online.

Run the Numbers.

Numbers are the most important thing in every business. You have to make a profit. See what it will cost you to make quality meals, how many customers you can sell to daily, and how much profit you can make daily. Try not to leave anything out of your calculations. For instance, you might leave out the cost of cooking gas because you also cook for yourself. Don’t do that! Count everything. If you’re running it solo, imagine yourself as a staff, and factor in how much you could be paid for labour. When you are prudent with Numbers, you will understand how profitable your business can be and work towards it.

Choose Your Sales Channel

As an online food vendor, you have to choose where you want to advertise your products. Where is your target audience? Are they on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram? Can you advertise on your class group chat, and then have a getaway from there? Can you meet people one on one and tell them what you do? Can you sponsor some adverts on social media? Think of what is best for your business and stick to what yields the best results.

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