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Swimming is a fun activity. Most people go for a swim for fun. And indeed it can be fun. But there is more to it than just fun and relaxation. Let’s dive a little bit into some ways it can be beneficial to us.

Improves Endurance and Strength

Swimming requires a high level of endurance as the entire body needs to move through the water. The stomach tightens to power the legs and stabilize the core, making swimming one of the best aerobic exercises to give you a total body workout. As you endure holding your breath underwater, you naturally gain more core strength with consistent swimming sessions.

Improves your sleep

Swimming can help improve the quality of your sleep at night.  By swimming, you could offer your body a natural way to decompress from the day and prepare for rest. you can release a lot of tension and find yourself with a calmer mind that is ready for sleep. Many of us struggle with a loud and busy mind, polluted with the stressors of the day, keeping us from falling asleep.

Boosts your Mood

Several researchers have stated that swimming releases endorphins in your brain, which make you feel good and help to increase positivity and bring about a sense of well-being and happiness. Swimming also boosts brain health by increasing the blood flow to the brain.  It is a good way to relax your body, soothe your mind and reduce anxiety.

Burns Calories

Swimming is an efficient way to burn calories. It can burn equal or greater calories than running, depending on the stroke you choose and your intensity.

 Swimming Helps You Stay Flexible

It requires you to reach, stretch, twist, and pull your way through the water. Your ankles become fins stretched with each kick as you push off against the liquid pressure. Repetitive stretching found in your various strokes also helps with flexibility.

Relief from Stress

The act of swimming requires the use of practically all of our senses, including sight, sound, touch, and smell. This is a rare opportunity to take a break from your electronic devices. Having water flow over us is quite relaxing, almost like getting a massage. Swimming, in a nutshell, is a great way to relieve stress and to become more present in the moment.

So, if you do not swim, it might be time to start learning.  If you’re not a fan of going to the gym or working out, this might just be your thing. It is an excellent way to get into shape.

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