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Domestic violence

by Monsurat Momoh
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It is not a farce that domestic violence exists and will continue to exist. Usually, when people hear this term, they tend to think it always has to do with a woman getting hit by her partner. But, domestic violence can be either way. Men get the hit too.

Other than it being an obviously inhumane act, domestic violence is a very controversial topic. And as you all probably already know, controversial topics give me joy. I mean, why should I ignore these topics when I can be completely bothered by them?

We have heard different stories about domestic violence and the different outcomes, haven’t we? As mentioned before, it involves the two genders but usually, we know which gender gets the most hits.

With the issue of domestic violence, it is easy to judge people and tell them to do the most reasonable thing to do. So, do I feel sorry for people when they still stay in such relationships or marriages? Yes, I do.

You’d hear different reasons like “I have to stay for my children”, “I’d become a divorcee and never find love again”, “I can not love anyone else, it has to be them” and many more. Then again, even the children and everyone involved face the impacts of domestic violence. But of course, people fail to realize that we are not directly related to this. And as such, we can never know what’s going on in a victim’s head.

This write-up doesn’t in any way support violence. Of course, I’m not advising people to stay in abusive relationships for whatever reasons they have. In fact, the best thing to do is to run away. I know our parents have taught us to face our problems head-on but this is nothing related to the problems they told us about.

The shame people think they’d feel or the stigma, fear or even personal issues, whatever the reason may be, are valid reasons to stay. Of course, validity is relative to different people.

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