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Maintaining a Strong long-distance Marriage .

by Emmanuel Ozoamalu
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When you’re both far apart, how do you maintain a strong marriage with a long distance? There’s something about being together and seeing each other a lot that gives the feel of family. It’s nice to share tasks and responsibilities with your spouse, but also have some space to explore new things together. The other thing about being together is that it can be emotionally draining if you’re not constantly positive and optimistic. These are scenarios that are easy to work out if you’re close to one another. It makes sense then that having a strong relationship with your spouse in times like this can be challenging.

I came up with some tips I believe you might find helpful if you’re in a long-distance marriage.

Create a sense of security and smooth communication.

Your spouse should feel safe and secure in the knowledge that they’re being heard. This means speaking up when you need to, challenging yourself to do better, and never letting a circumstance stop you from talking to your spouse. A healthy work-life balance is essential for a strong marriage even more so for a long-distance marriage. If you don’t have this, your relationship will suffer.

Your spouse should feel safe and heard and know that you trust and value him or her. Avoidance of certain activities can cause tension in the relationship, and it’s okay to take some time for one or both of you to unwind. When you have a sense of security and smooth communication, your marriage will be able to flourish. You and your spouse should both know that you can trust each other to do what’s best for both of you. You should also be able to discuss issues in a confidential, objective, and non-judgmental way.

Have a healthy work-life balance.

After you’re distant from your spouse physically, it’s important to have a healthy work/life balance. You can have a great job and a great life at the same time. It’s important to find a balance that works for both of you and for your business. Finding what works for your business and your spouse can be difficult. Whether it is managing a small business or managing a luxury hotel, finding a balance can sometimes be challenging. The rewards though of making the time to find a healthy work-life balance can help you stay organized and focused while still managing your personal life. It is even more imperative you do this in a long-distance marriage because you will need the peace and serenity your spouse offers you.

Don’t take each other for granted.

If you’re stressed out and frustrated, it can be very easy to transfer aggression, especially to your spouse. This in turn can definitely make it difficult for your spouse to see you as an extension of themselves which is what marriage should be. It can also make it difficult for them to see you as a dedicated person who both loves their job and loves their family. If you and your spouse have this issue, try talking it out together. It may feel awkward and uncomfortable, but it’s actually an important step in the strengthening relationship process.

Always consider the fact that your marriage is long-distance and factor in how your spouse feels. It can be tempting to want to place how you feel above everything else, especially when feeling frustrated. However, a strong marriage can only happen when both of you are watching out for each other.

Try to be more compassionate towards one another.

You and your spouse should treat one another with the greatest amount of kindness and empathy. There are times when you need to be more than yourself. You and your spouse should be able to be there for one another. You should try to show your spouse that you love them by doing the things that they love for them. Treat them with the greatest amount of kindness and empathy. You should also try to do your best to show your spouse that you want to be there when they need you. 

If you’ve been struggling to have a strong marriage when you’re apart, these tips can help. Remember that a long-distance relationship can only survive as long as you’re BOTH fully in it. If both of you are fully practising these, then talking to each other, listening effectively and loving each other will not be very difficult. It is often a struggle to have strong marriages but when you work together happiness is a sure end result! 

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